Where Have I been?

1) UK (England, Scotland and Wales)

What to do in Edinburgh?

How to spend 48 hours in Liverpool?

2) Spain (Mainland, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands)

3) Greece

4) France

Guide to a weekend in Paris

Why we should focus on saving the Planet, not just Norte Dame

5) Italy

6) USA (New York and Florida)

The Florida Dairies  #1 What to do in Orlando

The Florida Dairies  #2 What to do in Disney

The Florida Dairies  #3 Are Sea world and Discovery Cove worth visiting?

The Florida Dairies  #4 Where to stay in Orlando?

The Florida Diaries #5 What to do at Universal studios

7) Cambodia

Volunteering in Cambodia -  Phnom Penh, Siam Reap, Elephant Sanctuary and Angkor Watt

Volunteering in Cambodia - Sihanoukville and the Islands

My Camp Cambodia Review

8) Slovakia

7 things to do in Bratislava, Slovakia

9) Austria

What to do in Vienna - A day and a bit in Vienna

10) Hungary

What to do in Budapest - Budabest

11) China

A taste of China - What to do in Lishui and Dongxi?

A taste of China - What to do in Hangzhou?

12) Ireland

What to do on a weekend trip to Dublin?

13) Poland

What to do when visiting Krakow? - Kraking Krakow

What to expect when visiting Auschwitz concentration camp

14) Germany

What to do in Berlin - B(e)RRRRRRRRLIN

15) Australia

What to do in Brisbane CBD

Where to stay in the area surrounding Cairns?

What to do if you have one day on the Gold Coast?

Is Tangalooma Island Resort worth visiting?

What to do in Cairns and the surrounding area

16) Denmark

A Guide to 48 hours in Copenhagen

17) Norway

A guide to a weekend in Bergen - No(r)way is it worth it?

18) Canada

How to spend a few days in Vancouver?

My Contiki Experience - Canada and the Rockies

10 things to do in Whistler

19) Czech Republic

A guide to a weekend in Prague - Czech it out