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What to pack for a weekend in Europe - Summer Edition

November 1, 2018

Europe is a massive continent which has subtropical south and a polar north which contains 50 sovereign states and 6 states which have limited recognition. These countries all have very different climates and environments, whilst writing this blog post I am currently planning two-weekend trips in Europe to two different countries with very different environments. These two cities are Dublin in Ireland which is similar to weather to where I am from England, and Krakow in Poland which I imagine is very different to England. This is obviously only a rough list but will give you an idea of what you need to take and this list is for a 4-day trip.
- 5 times underwear (just to be safe)
- Pyjamas or something to sleep in
- 1 pair of jeans
- 1 pair of Culottes
- 1 going out top
- 3 tops
- 1 jumper
- 1 going 'out' outfit in my case a jumpsuit
- 1 jacket
- An umbrella! This could be essential depending on where in Europe you are visiting


This list is obviously just a rough list and all down to personal needs, as we were travelling hand baggage only which could be seen as a challenge, especially if you're like me and travel with at least 2 cameras but somehow I managed to make it all fit and I would 100% recommend the bag which I travel with and it was my Kanken although it could be slightly sore on the shoulders it was only because I had my straps tight as was very aware of my cameras. 

I would recommend packing cubes, as this I found to be a massive help as it limited what I could pack and also kept everything together so it wasn't a struggle looking for little things
Overall a weekend in Europe is what you make of it and the clothes which you need all depend on you, we knew weren't going for the booze (that was just a bonus) we wanted to explore the cities. 
Ashleigh xx
Here is a discount code, to give you £25 off your first trip over £55. 

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