Why I scrapbook my travels

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Travel allows you to meet hundreds of people, take thousands of photographs and gives you a million memories. Nothing can ever hold all of these memories, but a scrapbook allows you to encapsulate these memories. Will it contain every memory? No, but I have had conversations with people, and we've both forgotten an earlier 'riveting' conversation. We cannot hold to every memory. But, I have found a scrapbook of my travels, the best way to document my memories. It allows me to use ticket stubs, photographs and my stories. Whilst also giving me a creative escape, allowing me to travel but through my memories to times before c-vid.

The first thought; I had when I wanted to start a scrapbook was fear. Fear that I wasn't going to make it aesthetically pleasing, or have enough photos of this place or with that person. And the truth, is I don't. I don't have photographs of my friends and I, dancing on Pub Street listening to September by Earth, Wind and Fire. However, I have photos of my friends and me. And I can write out the stories I don't have pictures of, so still have ways of documenting the event.

For some countries, I have hardly anything. But I have still shared them, as I have a small story to tell. For example, when I was younger, I did a bit of scrapbooking and put all my tickets from New York in there, but it has now been years since I have seen that book and have no idea where it is (which haunts me). For my once in a lifetime trip to New York, I have nothing other than a few photographs to show for it.

One piece of advice I would share with you is don't overthink it. If you think something looks good, go for it. I decided to pain the righthand page, and use some form of paper (wrapping paper) on the left. A new country would always start on the right page with the flag splattered in the background. Does it consistently work? No, some countries it doesn't work for, but I cannot strive for perfection.

What you'll need:

  • A scrapbook, I use one from Paperchase.

  • Photographs from your trips. I get all my photo's from Free Prints, which is an app that allows you to get 45 free prints per month. You only have to pay postage.

  • Background paper, I use wrapping paper. But it is something to fill the blank space.

  • Memories from your trips

  • Double-sided sticky tape! The best thing for sticking down your photos and memories.

  • Scissors

  • Paint and a paintbrush if you decide you want to paint your pages.

  • Washi tape; stickers, whatever you want to decorate the pages.

  • And any extras which you want.

Where to get inspiration?





For me, scrapbooking has been a lifesaver during the lockdowns of 2020, and 2021. As it allowed me to reminisce over all the everywhere, I have been, but gave me the feeling of wanderlust as I thought about all the places I want to travel to when it is safe to so.

Ashleigh xx

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