What to do when visiting Banff

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Visiting, the Canadian Rockies? No trip to the Canadian Rockies is complete without visiting Banff. Banff is not only Canada's first national park but also the most visited. And if you're visiting the west coast of Canada, you cannot miss Banff. There is a reason it is the most visited national park in Canada as it is unbelievably beautiful. From Banff town to Lake Louise, the views which Banff has to offer are unbelievable. Banff is one of the most beautiful places I have visited, to date.

Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies Banff, a nature lovers paradise, being at the foot of the mountains and being surrounded by glacier-fed lakes. It is the perfect location for hikes and getting back in tune with nature.

Banff has endless activities on offer, and all the activities I am going to mention are summer activities. Not to say that they're not available in the winter, I will not be including winter activities such as skiing as I have no experience with these.

Horseback ride and Steak Fry at the Warner Stables, this is the best way to see Bow River, this cost $153 which works out approximately £90, but there is also the option to do it as a Wagon ride with the steak fry which cost $105 which is approximate £60. The horse chooses the rider, which is similar to the scene in Harry Potter, where Harry gets his wand, it is surreal. The steak fry was an experience like no other as it felt like you'd stepped back in time. Being taught, how to lasso to eating cowboy beans, it was just an experience that didn't seem real. The ride back is a great way to see some wildlife as we saw Caribou and a Coyote.

Helicopter ride over Bow Valley, this was the most expensive activity I did costing $303 which works out approximately £175 for a half an hour Helicopter ride over the mountains. It was my first time in a helicopter. And what a place to experience it, being immersed in the Canadian Rockies. It was the highlight of my trip!

Lake Louise the icon of Canada. From the Chautex to the icy blue water to the red canoes. Walking around the lake is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Even though it was busy, as it an icon of Canada, it is a 100% worth it. You would have seen a million photographs of Lake Louise, is even more beautiful in person.

Lake Morriane, in my opinion, it is even more beautiful than Lake Louise as Lake Louise is more of an icy blue while Morriane is much more vibrant blue and felt like a dream. Lake Morriane I found to be a lot less touristy, but this might be because with Morriane you can see the lake on multiple levels and viewing platforms while Lake Louise is much flatter.

Overall Banff is a must when visiting Canada as it is the most visited national park for a good reason. The lakes are a must and are nothing like what we have here in the UK. I would give Banff 10/10, although it is touristy it is worth it.

Ashleigh xx

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