Nine reasons why you should do a group tour

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Thinking about doing a group tour, but unsure if it is the most efficient way to travel. The price of a group tour often seems steep. But it includes all of your accommodation whilst on the tour, as well as your transportation and often several meals. Previously I have done two organised tours, this first was a month-long volunteering project in Cambodia. The second was a two-week trip travelling across the Canadian Rockies. I can safely say, I will be doing more in the future. I was meant to do two this year, the first in Borneo and the second in New Zealand. As for me, they are the perfect way to travel. Here are nine reasons why you should consider group travel, for your next trip.

1) Takes the stress out of organising an itinerary

One of the great things about group tours is everything is organised for you. It removes all the stress of trying to figure out how to get to places, for example as a solo traveller getting to some remote places can be exacting. Furthermore, the tour companies have been doing this for years. So have developed the most methodical routes, taking you to the bucket list locations, which cannot be missed. For example on my trip to Canada, going with a tour allowed me to visit the lakes of Banff stress-free.

2) You can be whoever you want to be

Everyone (unless your travelling with friends) you're travelling with has never met you before, you can be whoever you want to be. No one knows any little embarrassing things which we've all done, you can recreate yourself. Be the confident person you've always wanted to be. Fake it until you make it. This is the way I always travel, as naturally, I'm not a confident person, but I can fake it.

3) Travelling with the like-minded people

If you're worried about making friends, a group tour is a great way to meet people. As you will be travelling with like-minded people, as you already have a shared interest in travel and you've all decided to visit this location. Some tours are also only for 18-35, for example, Contiki is strictly for 18-35 and unless you're travelling with someone the way they do the dorms is by age. So you don't have to worry as much about it, and on my Contiki tour, the girl I shared a room with was my best friend on the tour.

4) You get to stay in some of the best accommodation

Whilst in Canada we stayed at some of the best accommodation, for example when we were in Whistler we had a hot tub in our room. And whilst in Banff National Park, we stayed in a ski lodge which was surrounded by the beauty of Banff. The tour groups have spent years working and getting exclusive stays in specialist accommodation, as they have a constant footfall of travellers coming in. The accommodation which we stayed at was extremely sophisticated. Especially compared to hostels which I usually stay in and would have stayed in, if I wasn't doing my trip as a tour.

5) Local guides

Whilst on a group tour you'll have a local guide who is also your tour leader, who is an expert and a bountiful of information on where you are. My tour leader in Canada our tour leader Charlotte was phenomenal, and constantly went above and beyond suggesting things for us to do and places to eat.

6) Even if you travel solo, you're not alone

The beauty of doing a group tour is you're never alone. You're surrounded by people who are in the same boat as you, even if you go on you're own, you're never actually on your own.

7) Safety

Safety in numbers. The more people you're with, the safer you are. And the beauty of doing a group tour is the safety in the number of people you're with. But on top of this, your local guide will be able to tell you where is safe and where isn't as safe. Permitting you to know where to steer away from. For example, in Vancouver, we were told that West Hastings, wasn't particularity safe so we only visited there whilst in a group.

8) Chance to work with local communities

Often on group tours, there is a chance to give back and give back to the local communities. For example, when I was in Cambodia, we got to work with schools, volunteering in four different schools in the month I was there. On top of this, we also decided to raise money to give do a rice donation to a local slum. If I wasn't with a tour, I wouldn't have known how to approach the local slums to see what I could do to help the locals. Donating to the slums was such an awe-inspiring experience, and was one of the highlights of my trip.

9) You never know who you'll meet

The beauty of a group trip is that you have no idea who you will be travelling with, you could meet the love of your life or your best friend on your tour. As you're meeting everyone for the first time, you have no idea who you'll meet. Yes, you might not meet the love of your life on your first ever trip, but you never know when you'll meet them. Fate works in mysterious ways.

Group tours for me are one of my favourite ways to travel, as I love travelling with friends. But my friends and I live very different lives right now, and travel isn't a priority for them whilst it is for me. On top of this, group travel still allows you to travel solo, just not on your own. And yes, they are expensive but there are different tours and locations to suit different budgets.

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Ashleigh xx

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