Copenhagen as a solo traveller

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Copenhagen was the first place I travelled, to completely solo. I choose Copenhagen as I had heard from other travellers that it was a great place to go solo, and it did not disappoint. I travelled here in June 2019, so it was just at the start of the summer season, and I was super excited about exploring this city! Especially; as a solo traveller as I had heard so many good things about Copenhagen. And was highly recommend as a good place to go for a solo female traveller, from what I had read online in Lonely Planet!

Before travelling anywhere, I always have a look at blogs online before I go, to see if it looks like a good place to solo travel. Asking questions such as, is there a chance to meet people? Is there free walking tours? Is there plenty to do? These might seem like small stupid questions, but it is my thought process when thinking of solo travel, as with solo traveller you're never really on your own but is there the chance to meet people? I picked Copenhagen for my first solo travel destination, as it ticked all of these boxes for me.

The first place I always look is Hostelworld to get an idea of where I'll staying and are the locations central? As a solo traveller, I don't want to be having to walk or get public transport late at night on my own and the great thing about Copenhagen is there were so many Hostels to choose from which was brilliant and the prices were great too which was such a bonus as before I was told Copenhagen was expensive but the dorm prices weren't too bad. I stayed at the Urban House Hostel which was in a brilliant location, a 5-minute walk from the central train station and Tivoli Gardens, furthermore one of the reasons I choose this hostel is because there was a bar downstairs which to me was a chance to meet people. I would happily stay in this hostel again as to me it ticked all the boxes for me.

Something else I look into when planning a solo trip is free walking tours, as they a great way to get to know the city, but also learn stories which you otherwise wouldn't know. To me this a chance to pretend to be a local this may sound a stupid bit, but I love the idea of no one knowing who I am, and learning more about the city allows me to feel more like a local. There was plenty of choices for the free walking tours too which was a bonus, as some of them took you to Christania, which is a Free town in Copenhagen.

There is so much to see in Copenhagen, from The Little Mermaid, Nyhavn, to the gardens of Tivoli. There is so much to do in Copenhagen, and I have covered some of these in my previous blog post, which you can read about here.

Copenhagen, in my opinion, is the perfect city to start solo travelling, if you're based in Europe. As it is different to everywhere else I have been, but also familiar, which is a real comfort. Also, it is a popular destination with travellers so it is busy, and the hostels were relatively full, which meant meeting people was relatively easily. Even though Copenhagen is part of Scandinavia, it is still on the backpacker route, as it connected to mainland Europe. Copenhagen is popular with interrailing allowing the backpacking scene there to develop, and there are often cheap flights from the UK to Copenhagen, making it the perfect place to visit for a weekend getaway.

Overall as a solo travel destination, I would give Copenhagen a ten out of ten, during the height of Summer. But it may be different in the winter, but due to aspects such as Christmas Markets, I still feel like it would be a brilliant place to visit as a solo traveller even in the winter.

Ashleigh xx

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