Airline Review - Air Canada

Travelling to Canada soon? Not sure which airline to fly with? Debating flying with Air Canada? I was in the same position but this post will allow me to share my experience and unbiased opinion. My flight route was to and from London Heathrow to Vancouver International and cost me approximately £500 was a direct flight, with a flight time of around 9 hours.

About a month after I had booked my flights, I received a phone call from the airline explaining that both my flights there and back, were cancelled, but luckily they put me on the next flights and there wasn't too much time difference between the two.

One thing which I didn't like as I had booked through Skyscanner, I was unable to request my special meal online, so I had to call them to request my meal, but they were lovely and understanding. But I did have to wait on hold for about half an hour before being able to speak to someone.

On my flight from London to Vancouver, we were delayed by an hour and a half, which was frustrating as my original flight was cancelled. And when we did finally get a gate, it was the furthest one away.

The flight itself did not disappoint, as the seats were comfy for economy, on my flight to Vancouver, I had an aisle seat which is my normal seat of choice as I suffer from varicose veins, the people I was next to were lovely, and when we flew over Greenland they offered to take photos on my phone as I couldn't see it properly, and I am so glad he did as it looked spectacular and I am now desperate to visit Greenland.

On my way back I had a window seat as we were flying through the night, as stupidly I'd forgotten my neck pillow so decided I would try to fall asleep against the window and just get up whenever the people next to me do. But the guy in the middle was fast asleep for the whole flight, so my plan of getting up whenever they did, didn't go to plan.

Now time for the inflight food, the service was brilliant and the food I had no issues with the food and I loved that they brought ice cream as a snack as this is not something I would have thought of it being a snack on an airline as I know there is limited space to store everything. But I was impressed with the food which I received on both my flights.

The inflight entertainment was fantastic, with the perfect mixture of old films and new films, as I got to watch Tolkien, Mary Queen of Scotts, The Good Dinosaur. I love airlines that have a selection of new and old films as I find comfort in falling asleep to something familiar and can find a sense of home in the film. As well as this the radio stations were also good and I loved listening to the rock playlist and for about 7 weeks after my flight home I could not stop singing 'Seasons in the Sun' by Terry Jacks.

I would give AirCanada a 9/10 as I had no real issues with them and would happily fly with them again without a second thought and would recommend them to anyone thinking of flying to Canada.

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