Airline Review - Wizz Air

Updated: May 8, 2020

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Found a cheap flight with Wizz Air? Thinking about booking the flight? But you've never used the airline and want to find out if it's worth the money? You've come to the right place, as this post is all about the Hungarian airline, Wizz Air. Wizz Air is a Hungarian budget airline who is based in the UK at London Luton airport. Cheap flights are frequent to popular European destinations such as Oslo, Budapest and Warsaw, making it a colossal competition for the Irish budget airline Ryanair.

I first flew with Wizz Air from London Luton to Bergen, Norway. I was extremely impressed with everything onboard, including staff and the actual flight. Wizz Air has larger hand luggage restrictions, allowing you to take slightly larger bags onto the flight, in comparison to other budget airlines such as Ryanair. Which is something to note and take advantage of, as in Europe in Winter, especially Northern Europe it can get icy cold. Due to the larger hand luggage, you would be able to take two or three extra items of clothing, without having to pay extra for carry on luggage.

The flight time took slightly longer than expected as we had a flight time of just over two hours but it ended up being closer to three hours due to the blustery wind, which was completely out of our hands. I didn't mind the extra flight time, as the flight was comfortable enough. Considering the flight cost less then £50 I was not expecting the first class, but I was a lot comfier than I expected to be. Also, the flight was empty which meant I had three seats to myself!

The flight was smooth, which wasn't what I was expecting as the moment we entered the Norwegian airspace, you could see the mountains and gave me a brilliant taste of what was to come. The views from the flight were phenomenal and we were extremely lucky to be flying on a clear day, as it allowed us to absorb the views as we were coming into land.

Overall I enjoyed my flight with Wizz Air and would happily fly with them again in the future. As for a budget airline, they were extremely comfortable and I had no issues with anything on the flight. On a scale of one to ten, I would give Wizz Air a ten out of ten, as for a budget airline, I experienced no issues on my flight. And as they have slightly larger hand restrictions regulations then Ryanair, I would recommend anyone using them.

Ashleigh xx

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