Is Tangalooma Island Resort worth visiting?

Tangalooma is a resort on Moreton Island, Moreton is an island off the east coast of Australia which is about an hour ferry ride from Brisbane. This was the first time in about 10 years staying in a resort and it brought back such an array of emotions, mainly cos it meant sharing a room with not only my sister but also my mum and dad. We only had two days in Tangalooma which was enough but on the first day we had terrible weather so weren't able to enjoy the views or the activities as there is so much to do in Tangalooma from pricey activities such as Helicopter flights to free activities such as swimming in the sea. Tangalooma has it all.

One of the reasons why people visit Tangalooma is because it was used to film Scooby-Doo - Spooky Island which is a film I grew up with so visiting the filming location was rather exciting. But this isn't the only reason why people visit as it also has wild dolphins which visit every evening which is something which I was unsure as to how ethical this was but after reading about this online I decided it was worth exploring further. This is an included activity in your ticket price which means that everyone gets a chance to feed the dolphins which did make it feel chaotic and if I returned to Tangalooma I would miss this out as it was kind of like feeding time at the zoo.

The resort was beautiful as it was literally on the seafront but due to the time of year which I visited the pool was closed as they were trimming and cutting down some of the palm trees. The pool looked nice enough but wasn't anything too exciting. As for food options on the island, I found this to be extremely limited, as there wasn't much choice we ate at the fire and stone restaurant, this restaurant was split into two the Chinese side and the English side which I found to be a bit odd but also felt like if you wanted to eat in the Chinese you had to wait a lot longer which was annoying as the English section was empty whilst we were there. The food was expensive but to be given as there wasn't much choice but tasty. One thing which I would 100% recommend doing whilst on Tangalooma is the boat tour which takes you to the shipwrecks which surround the island. These were beautiful to see and gave us a bit of Australia's history also this was a great chance to see some wildlife as we saw so many fish and we also saw a manta ray and turtle!!!

Overall I would recommend visiting Tangalooma but it is certainly more of a family holiday destination and if you're not family it probably wouldn't be for you but it is nice to visit and I would give it a 6 out of 10 but wouldn't rush back anytime soon.

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