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Updated: May 14, 2020

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Prague is swiftly becoming one of the most visited cities in Europe. With tourists being drawn for the gothic architecture and the sights such as the astronomical clock, a marvel of modern science. Prague is extremely popular with first-time backpackers, as it has become a primary city to visit whilst exploring Europe. But whilst visiting Prague, I found the variety of tourists in Prague surprising, as it was a much wider range in comparison to countries such as Norway. Flying to Prague is easy from the UK, and I found flights averaged about £50 return with Ryanair.

Where to stay in Prague:

The accommodation which I stayed at was the Dream Hostel, which I found on hostel world. Staying here cost around 816 CZK, which works out at roughly £25 for two nights, for an 8-bed female share dorm. The hostel was approximately a 20-minute walk from the Old Town. The hostel was stunning, super clean and airy but also felt quite isolated. Although there was a bar and seating area, it wasn't the most communicative environment as everyone was just doing on their own devices. But this could have been as I visited at the end of October, so the hostel was not as busy as it would have been at the peak of summer.

There is so much to do in Prague from the Charles Bridge to the Jewish Museum and this blog post is going to cover as much as possible.

Free walking tour:

The first thing I do in any city is a free walking tour. And for Prague, I chose to do the free walking tour which highlights the Old Town and old Jewish Quarter. As personally, these were points of extreme interest for me, as history is so important when visiting Europe. As across Europe, there are so many scars of the first and second world war. The walking tour was phenomenal, as it allowed us to learn more unusual things about Prague. For example, we learnt all about Prague's obsession with Paris. As they have a version of the Eiffel tower which is higher (not taller) than the one in Paris, as the Eiffel Tower in Prague is on a hill. Making it higher than the Eiffel tower but smaller. On top of this, they have Pařížská which is based on the iconic streets of Paris. And is now one of the most expensive streets in Prague, filled with designer shops and boutiques. But is also part of the old Jewish Quarter. So was once completely neglected, when the Nazi's invaded Prague as it became the Jewish Ghetto. Overall I recommend doing a free walking tour in any city, as they are vital to seeing the city in a different light. As the tour guides will be able to give you inside information and answer any questions which you may have about the city.

The Old Town:

Exploring the Old Town is a must when visiting medieval European cities, and the old town of Prague one of my favourites. The Old Town hosts the Christmas and Easter markets, which are extremely popular in Prague and I would love to experience.

The Astronomical Clock

Located in the Old town is the Astronomical Clock, this is a breathtaking sight and is a marvel to historical and modern science. The Clock is incredibly talented as it had not only showed the current time. On top of this is also showed the moon phase, the sunrise and sunset set time and is the only clock in the world which shows Babylonian time. Furthermore, there is also a viewing platform above the clock which has delightful views from the top of the whole city. You can either walk up to the top or use the glass lift. Going up to the viewing platform cost me 250 CZK which works out as around about £8 (May 2020), but please remember that prices may differ.

Charles Bridge:

The Charles Bridge, I found to be overrated. As even though it wasn't high season it extremely busy from people walking, and locals trying to sell you souvenirs. Although it is stunning, I found walking along the other bridges allowed me to appreciate the bridge more. Charles Bridge was also the first place I witness begpacking, which is where backpackers who have run out of money are begging for money to travel. This is not something which I agree with, as we are blessed to be able to travel but you should be responsible with yourself and your money.

Old Jewish Cemetery:

The one thing which I would recommend to everyone doing while in Prague due to its importance to the history of Prague and Europe. Is the Jewish Museum which includes visiting the old Jewish cemetery which was extremely interesting. The old synagogue has become a memorial to the Jewish citizens of Prague who were lost in the holocaust. As well as remembering the eleven million others who were killed during the time of the holocaust including six million of those being Jews. With names of the victims written on the walls, you cannot escape the grief which fills the room. Visiting sights which were affected by the first world war or the second world war, is key when visiting Europe. Although it was a difficult sight to visit, I would argue that it is vital to understanding the history of not just Prague but Europe.

John Lennon Peacewall:

Sadly when I visited Prague the John Lennon peace wall was shut as it was being repainted when I visited. Which was annoying as I am a massive fan of the Beatles, and I was so excited about seeing it. But across from the peace wall, there was a fake peace wall which I managed to get a few photos off. Shortly after this, I discovered the John Lennon pub, which I was very lucky to get a seat at, as it was only small a venue but was such an interesting pub. Although it was the most expensive drink I brought in Prague by far, it was worth it.

I would happily recommend Prague to anyone who is thinking about visiting Prague or Europe, as this is just a selection of things which you can do in Prague. As there is so much to see and do there if you're interested in history, furthermore as it is popular amongst backpackers it is perfect for solo travel.

I would give Prague an 8.5 out of 10, as I loved seeing the history and culture of Prague. But feel no real rush to revisit soon, although I would love to explore more of the Czech Republic with cities such as Brno and Ostrava.

Ashleigh xx

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