Ten things to do in Whistler

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Following Vancouver, Whistler was the second stop on my tour of the west coast of Canada. There is an abundance of activities to do, I visited at the end of Summer so will only be able to include options which we available throughout my visit. As throughout the winter months, Whistler is a sought after ski resort. We had a total of three days in Whistler. And if you're thinking of visiting Whistler be sure to read on, as I will be covering all of the best places to visit.

The activities mentioned below vary in prices, from free to activities to more expensive options. I have included the prices which I paid in Canadian Dollars the conversion into Great British Pounds, prices will reflect September 2019, as this was the time I travelled.

I loved Whistler it was the cutest little town in the heart of the mountains. The views of the mountains, which you get just from walking around the town are specular.

First things first, where to stay? Whilst in Whistler, I stayed in the Pinnacle hotel, which was wonderful. This was one of the most luxurious hotels I have ever stayed at, we had a hot tub in our room. Not a communal one, a hot tub in our room. The hotel had all the amenities which you could want, but as we were so occupied exploring the town we barely spent any time in the hotel.

1) The Olympic Rings - This is completely free, and located the middle of the town. They are to commemorate when Vancouver and Whistler hosted the Winter Olympics back in 2010.

2) Canoeing on the River of Golden Dreams - This cost me $73 which works out about £43. This was an hour canoeing (or kayaking) down the River of Golden Dreams. This was the perfect opportunity to see some of the Canadian wilderness, as you have mountains encircling you. If you want to see experience the Canadian wilderness, this is the ideal opportunity, as you're surrounded by the mountains. The river wasn't challenging to sail down, but we did have to go over several beaver damns. This was one of my favourite activities which I did in Whistler.

3) The Peak to Peak Gondola - This cost me $60 which works out about £35. Which allows you to go up the Whistler Gondola take the gondola across to the Backcomb Gondola and back down the Backcomb one or vice versa. But due to the season, only the Backcomb gondola was open. But I still wanted to explore the peak, also I normally struggle with moving enclosed spaces, but I didn't find this too terrifying. The scenes going up the gondola are breathtaking as you soar above the town and high into the mountains. But when I reached the top of the peak, the visibility promptly became limited as the clouds came rolling in. Despite the loss of visibility, one of the highlights of my entire trip, happened on the gondola down, as I saw a bear!

4) Explore the Town - This is completely free, except if you decide to buy something. Whistler was the cutest little village and is filled with everything from designer shops to souvenirs shops. As well as a variety of different establishments and places to eat. My favourite was El Furniture Warehouse, with super affordable food and drinks.

5) Ziplining - The cost of this was $155 which works out about £90. This is something which I didn't do, as I wanted to save my money for activities later in the trip. Although I didn't regret it not doing it, I know when I return it will be one of the first things I do, as I've done ziplining before and love propelling myself out of my comfort zone. As the Ziplines in Whistler are some of the longest and fastest in the world, and I wished I'd done it, but it gives me another reason to return.

6) Lost Lake - This is about a half-hour walk from the town, but is something I couldn't do as the weather was atrocious, whilst I was in Whistler. But again it gives me things to do when I return, as I loved Canada and Whistler and cannot wait to return.

7) Razors - This cost $221 for a single driver which works out £130, or you could do it as a pair which cost $111 which works out £65 per person. Again, unfortunately, I didn't do this as it conflicted with another activity which I did. Furthermore, I wasn't 100% sure what it exactly entailed before the group embarked off to the razors. And upon review, I wished I'd done it as it looked exhilarating.

8) Vallea Lumina - This costs $36 which works £21 and again I didn't do this, essentially because I am terrified of dolls and from what I could see from online, I was ignited with dread. But, everyone who went spoke about how beautiful the story was, and was a projection, not animatronics. Something to note if you're like me and frightened of dolls.

9) Mountain Biking - Although I didn't do the mountain biking, from what I have heard from others, was how magnificent it was and how magnificent the views were whilst hurtling down the mountains. Also, it is a great way to spot some local wildlife, as you can see bears and deer whilst riding down the mountains. From what I can see online it works out at $80, which converts to just over £45.

10) Whistler Bungee - The ultimate adrenaline activity, and one which I am still waiting to do, perhaps New Zealand, but there is one which you can do in Whistler. And what a beautiful place to do it, as you're situated in the heart of the mountains. The cost of the Bungee from what I can see online is $134 which works out to be just under £80

Overall, I adored Whistler and is somewhere I plan on returning to as soon as it is feasible (and safe to travel again). As there is so much that I didn't get to do, but also everything that I did do I'd want to do again.

I would love to have done the Razors and the Ziplining!! For adrenaline activities, I would rate Whistler 10/10 and would rate the town 9/10, as it is a beautiful little town situated in the heart of the mountains, but if you're not a fan of adrenaline it may not be for you.

Ashleigh xx

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