Airline Review - Tigerair

Tiger Air is a budget airline which flies all across Australia, I flew with them from their base in Brisbane to Cairns in the north of Queensland and even though we never left Australia this flight was two hours long. To give you an idea from England you can fly to Spain in two hours, and all we'd done is fly further up the state. This was a surreal experience as you forget how but you forget how big the country of Australia is, as the UK is such a small island as a few years ago I flew up to Edinburgh as it took about 40 minutes.

The inflight experience was fine, food was offered but was at an extra cost as it is a budget airline, but I did not try any of these as it was only a short-haul flight. The seats were comfortable enough but you would get uncomfortable if you travelled on them for a long time, but this is to be expected with any seat if sat for a long period. Furthermore, there was no flight entertainment but again as it was a short-haul flight this was no major issue, I found reading to be a great way to pass the time on this short flight. And would recommend the book 'Where is she' By Alyshia Ford (Psychotraveller) as this was an extremely good read and shares her story of her experience of her two years living and working in Australia.

The flight on the way up to Cairns an extremely smooth flight with no delays or issues, but on the way back we were delayed by 2 hours this isn't a long time but when you're already through security there is very little to do in the departures lounge as we were in the domestic terminal. Overall I found Tigerair to be a good budget airline and were comfortable enough, most certainly not the comfiest flight I've ever been on but also not the worse and I would fly with them again without second thinking. Ashleigh xx Want up to £100 off next Contiki trip? Use the link below

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