What to do if you have one day on the Gold Coast?

Whilst visiting Australia I wanted to explore the Gold coast as well as the sunshine coast, as ever since I was younger I can remember seeing photos of the iconic surfer's paradise for as long as I can remember, and I can say it truly lived up to the expectations but is also incredibly touristy as this was the only time (I believe) that we had to pay for parking, furthermore it was full of all the touristy shops and cheap fast food such as McDonalds. Which we visited as needed a quick meal before we headed off and I can truly say it was traumatic as we sat inside to avoid the seagulls but yet we were sitting inside when we got attacked by a seagull. Which was terrifying and was one of the shocking moments that you cannot believe has happened.

Surfers Paradise was a Bucket-list trip which was lived up to the expectations and so much more! I just wished the weather had been nicer as it was overcast. It is somewhere I would love to go back to when the weather is nice enough to sunbathe, swim and one day surf (need to learn first) as the waves looked intense!

After Surfers Paradise we decided to go to a theme park as had two choices and they were Warner Bro's Movie World or Dreamworld, and even though Dreamworld is bigger we decided to do Warner Bro's Movie World which did not disappoint as we got to do most of the rides which we wanted to, which to me is successful day out. One of my favourite rides was the Scooby doo spooky coaster which brought back so many memories of the first film as this was one of my favourite films growing up, furthermore as we had recently visited Tangalooma which was where the film was filmed it was truly amazing and the inner seven years old in me was living for it! Most of the Rollercoasters were based around DC characters and some of my favourites included the DC rivals Hypercoaster, Arkham Asylum shock Therapy and Superman Escape if you enjoy rollercoasters I would recommend all of these rides as they are intense rollercoasters and get the adrenaline soaring through you! Although it was extremely tiring as it was a lot to do in one day, it was 110% worth it, as it allowed us to see a different side of Australia and I just love theme parks and haven't been to one since Orlando back in 2016! So was well needed!

I would 100% recommend visiting both Surfers Paradise and Warner Bro's Movie World and could have easily spent more than a day at both but due to being short on time we had to make it work and I'm so happy we did.

Ashleigh xx

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