A Guide to 48 hours in Copenhagen

No matter how long you have in a destination it will never be enough unless you live there but in June I found cheap flights to Copenhagen and decided to book it, I had two days off work and decided to do a 48-hour trip. Flying from London Stansted to Copenhagen terminal 2 and the flights cost me just under £60 and this was getting the first flight of the day and last flight back as this allowed me to get the full 48 hours there. With Copenhagen being a short two flight from the UK it was the perfect destination for a 48-hour trip as I did not want to spend the majority of my time flying to and from my destination.

The flights were from Stansted so after finishing work at 9 pm, I arrived home and quickly finished off packing and then got a few hours sleep before getting my dad (God bless his soul) to drop me at the bus station at 2:45 am in order to get me to Stansted at 5:55 am which was actually 3 hours before I fly but luckily I was flying Ryanair and flying hand luggage only so could go straight through to security. The reason I arrived 3 hours before is that the next bus would get me there an hour before I was due to fly and I just couldn't risk it. After going through security I headed straight to Starbucks, where I ordered a hot chocolate with coconut milk, and someone else took my drink so after 20 minutes of waiting I finally got my drink before heading on the train to the boarding gate. When arriving in Copenhagen I headed straight to public transport to get me into town, this is when I realised how warm it was so decided to walk to my hostel which happened to be 5 minutes from the station and hired a locker to leave my belongings in there whilst I went to explore the town heading towards Nyhavn which was an absolute dream and felt straight out of a fairytale, I was in awe. The way the sunlight was lighting up the buildings and the sheer colour of them was outstanding, I could have stayed and watched all night! But I headed to my hostel to check-in, I stayed the Urban House by MEININGER which I would highly recommend as it was clean and the location was great! I stayed in 6 bed female-only dorm as it worked out the same price and sadly did not get to meet anyone in my room as I was in late and left early the next day.

After checking in it was time for the Christianshavn Tour of which I had booked through Copenhagen free walking tours which started at Absalon Statue on Højbro Plads which was right in the centre of town and took us around the canals and our guide Penny was extremely helpful and tried to keep us in the shade as much as possible as it was incredibly warm! The canals in Copenhagen is breathtaking and looked like how I would imagine Amsterdam to look. The tour finished just outside of the free town of Christiania which was nothing like I imagined to look, I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't this, as the selling of the drugs seemed so calm as it was set prices and all on the one street so wasn't in somewhere unsafe as it was open and airy, I didn't buy anything from Christiania but it was certainly interesting to witness. Although the time was now like 6:30pm it was still super bright outside so after a quick drink by the canals enjoying the view, it was time for some food as I was starving! So I headed to Neighbour to get amazing Pizza! Although the price for food was expensive and it is something to note if you're visiting, I didn't find it too much more than London prices.

After a few beers at the hostel, I finally decided to call it a night, even though it was close to midnight it still wasn't fully dark which was crazy! The next morning I got up early, checked out of my hostel but left my bag in a locker and headed straight over to the statue of the Little Mermaid which was about an hour walk out of the city centre, I had been told by a lot of people that it wasn't worth visiting but the Little Mermaid is one of my favourite Disney films and could not miss the chance to see her! I was super glad I got there early as about 10 minutes after I arrived the tour buses started to arrive and whilst I was Instagramming my photo I was certain a load of tourists from China were taking a photo with me which was a surreal experience. Overall I loved seeing the Little mermaid as yes it isn't the grandest of statues it was still worth visiting in my opinion.

After this, I took a slow walk back towards the city centre stopping for a while at Rosenborg Castle which was made me feel like I had been transported back in time! The castle and the gardens felt like I had fallen into a Disney film it was nothing like I had ever seen before and I found people-watching here amazing and wished I had my book as it would have been the perfect stop to do some reading whilst enjoying the sun! After this, I got a typical cheap lunch of Mcdonalds as it gave me a chance to check out what I wanted to do for the rest of the day. As I wasn't sure at this point but decided I wanted to sit by the canals and enjoy the crisp blue waters and the refreshing sea breeze. This was a highlight for me as it was just so peaceful but after this and a spot of shopping I decided it was time to head towards the airport which I knew wouldn't take me too long and I was so grateful I had factored in enough time as I forgot it was rush hour and it took much longer than anticipated.

Overall I loved Copenhagen and would 100% recommend visiting Copenhagen and I will 100% be returning soon but have no idea when. Also, the hostel which I stayed at was really clean and had a really good but did literally just use it as a base.

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