Where to stay in the area surrounding Cairns?

Cairns in a beautiful area in the North of Queensland which is full of stunning beaches to stay in the surrounding area some areas include the CBD which I can't comment on as we didn't really venture into, Palm Cove which was paradise, and Trinity Beach where we stayed.

We stayed at Marlin Cove in Trinity Beach which was perfect and catered for all our needs and was so perfect! I would 100% staying back at the hotel when I go back to Trinity Beach. The beach was stunning and you fall in love with the view, the stunning scenery of white sandy beaches, the bluest of Oceans, rainforest surrounding you it is paradise and oh my god it is amazing! I loved every minute of staying in Trinity Beach and would 100% recommend eating at Trinity Beach Bar and grill!! The food was incredible and apparently, there is an amazing Kebab house, Trinity Beach Kebab House which my cousin always mentions but sadly we never got the chance to go too, sorry Tom.

Palm Cove was also heavenly it looks like paradise and looks straight off a post and is the place where Australians come on holiday!! Which means it is good. We didn't have too long in Palm Cove as we only visited whilst having breakfast here but we had a lovely breakfast at the Coffee Club which gave us stunning views of the ocean which is the view of Dreams.

Other than this I can only recommend other places such as Port Douglas which I have heard amazing things about, Trinity Park and all of the Northern Beaches are incredible from what I have heard. But please remember that you CANNOT swim in the Sea and the Rivers as Crocodiles will eat you!! I loved exploring Cairns and the surrounding area and will 100% be back as the mix of rainforest and ocean is just everything I have ever wanted and cannot wait to return! Ashleigh xx Want up to £100 off next Contiki trip? Use the link below


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