2020 - What happened

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Back in 2019, I had made MASSIVE plans for 2020. An around the world trip visiting five countries over four months. Due to leave; at the start of April. But in March, the world stood still with the sheer impact of c-vid, and my trip got cancelled. Heartbroken. I had been saving for this trip for a few years and having to cancel it a matter of days before I was due to leave.

Despite the lack of international travel, I got to experience in 2020. I got the chance to explore more of England. As although towards the end of the year countries, were starting to open up. There was still a lot of restrictions regarding quarantining on arrival to the new Country. Or after you have returned to the UK. On top of this, there was still a risk that the trip could be cancelled, at the last minute. And for me, it wasn't a risk I was willing to take, as I didn't want to get my hopes up to be disappointed.


At the start of 2020 I visited Liverpool, this wasn't my first time visiting. But I hadn't been in about ten years. I was going with my best friend Daniella, and we were meeting up with my friend Franky who lives in Liverpool. We had two full days in Liverpool, although we did spend one, quite hungover. I love Liverpool and would say that it is one of my favourite cities in the UK, and it is a city which I hope to explore more in the next few years.


Home to the oldest university in the UK, Oxford is a beautiful city located about an hour outside London. I've been here a few times with my best friend, Victoria, because this is halfway, between where we both currently live. Oxford is a fantastic city which I hope to explore more in the next few months.


Hertfordshire is the county where my Victoria lives, so I spent as much time as possible here. Exploring both Rickmansworth and Berkhamsted, which are both beautiful to spend a day exploring.

Lake District:

The final place I got to visit in 2020, was the Lake District. I was so excited about this was my first time visiting. And it did not disappoint.

We stayed just outside of the Lake District and spent five days exploring the Lake District. And I am so excited to go back to the Lake District, when I'll get there I'm not too sure when but I will 100% be back.

As for 2021, who knows where I'll get too. But I am hopeful that at some point I will get to travel internationally in 2021, but now I feel it is too early to book anything. But I'm planning so much and as soon as it is possible and safe for everyone. I will be travelling again.

Ashleigh xx

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