Airline Review - Emirates

Emirates, one of the worlds most iconic airlines flying globally via Dubai and are one of the worlds largest airlines. And the A380 I think might be my favourite plane ever, so much room compared to the A770 like the seats might only be like half an inch bigger but oh my god can you tell, it gives you that elbow room that you are craving!! Also, the TVs are bigger on the A380 which is just another perk!! Flying Emirates was a brilliant experience which I will definitely be doing when I go back to Australia as although it is more expensive I believe that it is 100% worth it.

We had two different flight routes the first was A380 from Birmingham to Dubai and then the A770 from Dubai straight through to Brisbane, which was a 7-hour flight (approx) followed by a 14-hour flight (approx). Whilst on the way back we did A770 from Brisbane to Singapore 7-hour flight (approx) A770 from Singapore to Dubai 7-hour flight (approx) and then finally an A380 from Dubai to Birmingham 7-hour flight (approx). Both flights were easily enough done but stopping in Singapore made it feel a million times longer as you are stopping and starting, and realising that you still have another flight to go can be heartbreaking when you are so tired and the flight is full and you've had a mental connection in Dubai (there will be post about how to have a successful transfer in Dubai soon).

Let's get talking about the good stuff now, the food! I have dietary requirements I am a vegetarian, so was travelling having Asian vegetarian meals as my only other option was raw vegan so decided that I would try the Asian vegetarian meal and it was fantastic but I will warn you if you have this meal, every meal comes with rice. The range of drinks is fantastic and you can call the cabin crew at any point for a drink, which I understand must be annoying but I found I got so dehydrated at times I needed like 3 drinks at once. The only issue was on the flight from Singapore to Dubai they were handing out the snacks and with every other meal I would receive my food first as I had a special meal but I hadn't received anything and then was asked if I wanted a chicken sandwich so explained that I was vegetarian and had requested special meals so they hurried off and the later brought me a sandwich from business as it was their mistake as there had been a delay on our side and didn't realise there were people with special meals in our section. Annoying but can move on from it.

Our flight from Dubai to Brisbane which was half empty which was brilliant but we were told to sit in our seats until the doors were shut, which we did and then we couldn't move after this as everyone had spread out so we were sat the four of us like sardines, I asked a woman if I could sit there like she could have the three seats I just wanted one so we could move as this was on the slightly smaller A770 and she refused saying she needs all four seats.. Rude. I understand it is nice to lie down and spread out but we couldn't even move our arms. Overall I would give Emirates 10/10 and loved travelling with them and will 100% be using them again like it is a bit more but in my opinion, it is worth it. When you are flying for like 27 hours get all the comfort you can! Ashleigh xx

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