What to do in Brisbane CBD?

When visiting Brisbane, most people think of the CBD (Central Business District) which is in the heart of the city centre. Whilst in Australia I was actually staying about an hour north of the CBD in an area called North Lakes which was lovely as it was an escape for the hustle and bustle of the CBD. But we did head into the CBD for Easter weekend and stayed at the Next hotel which was located on Queens Street. The location was great but arriving on Good Friday was not so good. As everything shuts on Good Friday in Australia, so we booked dinner at the hotel restaurant as we didn't want to take a risk before we headed out to explore the CBD. Shortly after we left the heavens opened so we took refuge in one of my uncle's favourite pub the Plough. They had a limited food menu because of Good Friday and you had to eat to get alcohol, we were all hungry so ordered food but because of the menu being so limited and being a vegetarian the only thing which I could eat was chips. I did not mind though as they were beer battered and just amazing!

After this, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at the hotel, but we also watched a great TV show about the Anzac's which I loved learning about. Sadly dinner was a massive disappointment the menu had about five options on the menu, which meant yet again I was eating chips. We were a table of six and there was a table of one and a table of two on either side of us, they got served and their food before we'd even been served and we had been sat down for longer. Furthermore when the waitress came over to take our food order saying something like "Are you guys ready to order your food?" we had to reply saying "we haven't even got menus yet or had our drinks ordered yet"... Which was disappointing, I have worked in restaurants and I understand it is busy but you still need to provide good service.

After this, we went for a walk around the city at night before calling it and night and watching Antman and the Wasp. Breakfast was included in our booking completely redeemed itself as it was 10/10 as we got to pick something from the menu and then we also got to help ourselves to the buffet. After breakfast, we headed on a water cat and headed up the river to go back down, and you can use your go card (Brisbane's version of an Oyster card). Getting the boat down the river was lovely and was a great way to see the city. As we were going to the Botanical gardens as I love seeing different types of Floral and Fauna, the gardens were amazing but we only got to see a snippet of the gardens before the heavens opened and we had to go wait in a hotel for the rain to blow over as the rain. The after this we headed to get some lunch even though it was like 3 pm at another one of my uncle's favourite bars the Pig and Whistle although we all thought it was called the Pig and Muscle from only half hearing what was said and then we headed back to the Hotel as it was almost time to go on our storybridge climb!

Climbing Storybridge was an amazing experience as seeing the city light up at night was breathtaking!! And was a highlight of visiting the city and is an absolute must. Although in true Australian style the sky suddenly lit up and it was time to call our trip short as they had seen lightning and could not risk being on a high metal structure.

This then lead to me, my dad, my aunt and my uncle having a night out in Brisbane on Easter Saturday which is a night which I will never forget and was mental!! But did lead to a very hungover Easter Sunday and a very hungover train journey home.

Of course there is more to do in Brisbane CBD but we were limited for time and the weather was not on our side sadly. Climbing Storybridge was my highlight of this trip. I loved visiting the CBD and was a highlight and would stay at the Next hotel again just not over Easter weekend and would rate the hotel 6.5/10 and it was amazing but the dinner was a complete letdown. Ashleigh xx Here is a discount code, to give you £25 off your first trip over £55. www.airbnb.co.uk/c/ashleighh1808

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