Florida Diaries #5 What to do at Universal studios

Wow, I have just realised I never wrote a post about my favourite park in Florida!! Which was universal studios, between seeing Jurassic park, meeting Captian America and seeing Hogwarts nothing could stop this park for me!!

It was the first park we visited when we arrived in Florida and I just remember walking into the park singing 99 seconds of Harry Potter as I couldn't contain my excitement anymore!! As soon as we were through security into universal studios Florida and whilst marvelling at all the shops and rides me and my sister decided the first ride we were going to go was The Mummy. We went on this ride twice throughout our time in Florida, and the two times we went on it, it was like a completely different ride. The first time did not anywhere near as intense as the second time. We don't know why but it was insane and a firm favourite of ours. Rock it rollercoaster is a rollercoaster as it lets you choose your own soundtrack which was amazing, I have never seen before. This heightens the experience of the ride. Although the ride itself was amazing!! And the sheer drop at the start was amazing!! And I am gutted I only got to go it once. After this, we started heading towards our favourite place which was Harry Potters Diagon Alley. But we couldn't miss getting a photo with the knight bus before we headed through into Diagon Alley where all my childhood dreams came true. Being able to walk through all the shops was amazing as I was living my dream. I had been a fan of the films and the books for as long as I can remember as walking along it was just amazing. And then we decided it was time to escape from Gringotts and we LOVED this ride!! Like we didn't know what we were even really queueing for but it did not disappoint at all!! Then we had the worlds most amazing ice cream and headed through Kings Cross to get the train across the Hogsmeade. You can only do this if you have entrance to both parks. But I would recommend doing this the other way around as we queued for about an hour whilst when we got to the other side there was no queue!!!

So we arrived at the back end of the Island of Adventure starting in Hogsmeade, and the first ride we went on here was Dragon Challenge, which has actually been removed since then which is heartbreaking as it was an amazing ride! But I guess that is what happens when you write a blog post about somewhere you visited nearly three years ago. After we went on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Adventure, which again we didn't really know what we were queueing for but it did not disappoint and was amazing. After this, we headed out of Hogsmeade which was super sad but we still had so much to see.​

After this was headed into Jurassic Park which I was super stoked about as Jurassic Park is my all-time favourite film!! And we were excited to go on the ride but first, we decided to go on Kong Skull Island. I was not impressed with Skull Island at all, it was made out to be the best ride there and I found it boring, but that might just be me. And then we queued for the Jurassic Park which disappoint and was probably my favourite ride we went on whilst we were at Universal.

After avoiding a storm we headed through the park hitting up rides such as Ripsaw falls which was amazing!! And got us truly drenched!! I was gutted when I realised the Hulk wasn't open which was a ride which I was dying to go on but sadly was not open whilst I was in Florida. Universal Studios was my favourite place in Orlando and 100% plan on going back but have no plans in the near future. Ashleigh xx Here is a discount code, to give you £25 off your first trip over £55. www.airbnb.co.uk/c/ashleighh1808

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