Why we should focus on saving the Planet, not just Notre Dame

On Monday 15th April 2019 a tragedy happened, Notre Dame was burning and my heart was breaking seeing the fire spread whilst eating my breakfast in my hotel in Cairns. I was heartbroken, Notre Dame is my favourite place in Paris! It makes me want to go back, and I wasn't keen on Paris. It was nice but I am certainly not in any rush to go back. Sorry Paris. But I was absolutely disgusted when I discovered that €1 billion has been donated by the 22nd of April. 1 billion Euros. But yet there are children starving globally, people don't have access to clean drinking water, we are destroying the planet at a rate which is killing wildlife before we even have a chance to discover them, our oceans are filled with plastic. And no one seems to care.

Notre Dame was an amazing cathedral, I nearly cried with the sheer beauty of it. I love it. It has inspired so many people, survived wars and revolution. But we might not survive for future generations to see the beauty of Notre Dame if we don't do more the environment. I know people want it restored and it does so much for tourism but the fact that nowhere this amount is being spent on cleaning our oceans or replanting trees to try to global warming. Furthermore, the publicity which Norte Dame had was global, most people knew it was happening whilst there is not enough media coverage on how to save the planet, and in my eyes the media that is being shown is negative with people like Piers Morgan moaning that we shouldn't be made to feel like we should become vegan by saying having less meat will save the planet. People aren't saying be vegan, they're saying instead of having meat five times a week have it twice. As the amount of meat which we are consuming globally is not sustainable! And using companies which promote sustainability, for example, I love chocolate spread on toast but no longer use Nutella as they use palm oil which is destroying the rainforests which orang-utans need to survive. The survival of the planet is key and should be the only focus at the moment.

Yes you may call me the biggest hypocrite in the world, I travel I get on planes which travel halfway across the world but I don't eat meat, limit the amount of plastic which I use and walk everywhere which I possibly can.

I am not saying that Notre Dame isn't important because it is, it is a key part of history. But we need to ensure that our future is safe as why are we spending so much time and money restoring Notre Dame is we're not going to survive to see it. Ashleigh xx Here is the discount code, to give you £15 off your first trip over £55. www.airbnb.co.uk/c/ashleighh1808

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