Airline review - British Airways

British Airways is an airline which I first flew with in 2012 when I flew to Florence Italy and are one of my favourite airlines to fly with!! And have flown with them three times, to Florence Italy, New York USA and Shanghai China. Every time I have flown with them it has gone incredibly well and smoothly I cannot fault them. Although I do not often fly with them often due to them being expensive to fly with and cannot justify spending a lot of money on planes as I can fly with companies like Ryanair for like a third of the price which means I can travel for more on a much smaller budget which means I can travel more which is a win-win for me. I have always flown with them from Heathrow terminal 5 which is their main hub in England.

Every time I have flown with them it has gone extremely smoothly and would fly with them within a heartbeat. The food has always been brilliant although last time I flew with them I think I may have got my food in the wrong order as I got an omelette at like 2 am (dinner on the flight, China time) and then pasta at like 6 am (breakfast on the flight, British time) I wasn't too sure but either way I wasn't fussed.

The last time I flew with them the flight wasn't full either which was a first for me so there was a spare seat between me and the other person. I have had various flight sizes with BA too, from your basic three each side (flying to and from Italy), to a jumbo jet which sat three, four, three (Flying to and from New York), and a three, three and a three (Flying to and from Shanghai). I would recommend to anyone to fly with British Airways as I have never had an issue with them, as the food has always been good, the film selection is really good, and the seats as plane seats go are comfy which is a bonus when you're flying for like 15 hours. Ashleigh xx Here is the discount code, to give you £15 off your first trip over £55.