What to do on a weekend trip to Dublin

Despite being of Irish descent I had never actually visited Ireland and actually know very little about my Irish heritage, but this summer I decided to visit the capital city Dublin as I had to see what Ireland was really like. I found ridiculously cheap flights from Birmingham (like £30 return cheap) which was a bonus! We had decided we were going to stay in a hostel again as this would keep costs low and we decided to stay at the Generator Hostel, this is a chain of hostels which we had both stayed at separately and we were both they excited to stay here again as I have found them amazing!

The flight from Birmingham was stupidly short like we were expecting it to be short but not like 45 minutes short, the seatbelt sign was off for all of 10 minutes and then we were coming into land. Although we did nearly miss our flight as we were too busy having a pint at 7:30 in the morning, oops. We had travelled hand luggage only so didn't have to wait for anything when we arrived in Dublin and we headed straight to the Airlink bus and this cost us around 12€ euro return and we knew we were one of the last stops so we got comfy and headed towards the city. I would recommend getting the Airlink bus as it was super easy to use and although it took a while it was still quick considering where we were and how busy it was. And then before we knew it, we were at the generator hostel. We still had a few hours before we could check in so after recovering from our flight we headed into town to find something to eat, we ended up just having a McDonalds as we were starving!! And wanted to save our money for drinks as we had heard Dublin would be expensive for drinks after this we headed into Pennys which is the Irish version of Primark. This where disaster struck as we don't know when or how but on the way to the castle we discovered that my Bankcard and my driving License were either lost or stolen. But that is the story for another completely different post where I will explain what do when this happens. So we headed straight back to the hostel to recuperate and had the best cheesy chips in the world!! Before getting ready for a quiet drink which turned into us returning home at 3 am rather drunk but from what I can remember of Dublin's nightlife although drinking in the Temple Bar in the area of Temple Bar, is not cheap! We paid around 17 euros for two pints of Heineken and naturally had two pints each, before heading to a much more local bar where the beers were much cheaper before stumbling back into our hostel.

Slightly hungover we were still up to go on our free walking tour, as can you see a city without a free walking tour as this is the perfect way to see a city, we ended up doing two in Dublin as they had an Irish folklore tour which we had to do! As well as doing just a normal walking tour. Would 100% recommend the folklore tour, as this was amazing we learnt all about Molly Malone, the Giants Causeway, the Great Whiskey fire and how Christchurch Cathedral was once called the gates of hell! I won't say anymore as I will save it for when you go on the tour. We carried on exploring Dublin, walking to the docks to see the Irish sea (didn't go to plan) and doing a bit of shopping when we found a little park where there were people feeding pigeons and my best friend decided to join them... I am still shocked and confused now.

We loved Dublin and exploring the nightlife and on our final day we decided to head up to Phoenix Park where our hostel dorm-mate told us that they have wild deer which you can see, but obviously, it is chance whether you see them or not as they are wild animals and we don't know where they will be at any time but we saw them and it was the best experience ever, I wanted to cry with happiness they were gorgeous and so peaceful before we headed to the airport as our time in Dublin was over.

Overall I would recommend to anyone visiting Dublin and am dying to explore more of Ireland but wouldn't rush back to Dublin as it is just like London but would still rate it 7/10. Ashleigh xx Here is a discount code, to give you £25 off your first trip over £55. www.airbnb.co.uk/c/ashleighh1808

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