Airline review - Malaysian Airlines

Malaysian Airlines. The airline which has become known for losing planes. But yet I trusted them to take me to Phnom Penh international airport, via Kuala Lumpur. But thankfully, they did not lose the plane and we made it the whole way in one piece.

Personally, I feel the airline has a bad reputation due to its history of losing planes, as I found the airline extremely comfortable and would fly with them again, as this does not mean that this will happen again or to you. One element of Malaysian Airlines which I was thrilled with was the choice of films which they offered, as they offered not only new releases but also classics. This I found to be brilliant as with a 13-hour flight I found I wanted to rewatch films so if I fell asleep I didn't have to rewatch it when I was home (although this did happen). I found the food edible although I did find it better on the way home, and being a vegetarian I was happy with their choice of foods. The staff were beautifully dressed and always pleasant, although I did not have much interaction with them. The people who I stay next to on all the flights were pleasant and I have a weird memory on my flight from Phnom Penh where a man asked if I could swap seats with him as I had an aisle seat and I was happy enough to swap only to find I was sitting between him and his son. Which was funny, and they also thought I was Australian (They were Danish). The only issue I have with my experience with Malaysian airlines was that on my flight home whilst at Phnom Penh, the lady at the desk was unable to check me in for my whole journey but could check my luggage, which sounded great. Until I got to Kuala Lumpur and my seat had been sold which meant I had to wait around to see if I was going to get on the flight home. This was annoying but also just hilarious and luckily I managed to get on my flight home. It was one of those times where I just had to laugh and hope for the best and it all worked out in the end so. And my one tip is when things like this happen, just hope for the best and in the end, you will always get to where you need to be, just remember you need to be. Until the next month, Ashleigh xx Here is the discount code, to give you £15 off your first trip over £55.