What to do in Bratislava #2 - Back To Bratislava

We finally made it back to Bratislava in a much more sober state than we left, and we excited about returning to a city which we both fell in love with. This time we were staying in a new hostel and this time we stayed at Art Hostel Taurus, which we heard about from a few girls we met on our pub crawl when we were last in Bratislava. This hostel was nice enough, but I am glad that we only stayed for one night, and until communal showers had been no issue, as there had always been a door which you can lock. But here there was no lock and was just a shower curtain and I did not feel comfortable with this, but this could just be me. The rooms were nice enough but there were no windows in our room but the common room was nice and open which we loved.

Whilst we were back in Bratislava we didn't have much time here and new we wanted to go back to and actually visit the castle instead of just seeing it. And we also really wanted to return to the cat cafe, this may seem like a stupid small thing to do to but we loved it there and the cats were so cute and it was just a happy place. We headed straight to the castle, where we got a fabulous view of Bratislava and the mountains in the background which was a beautiful view and was one of the moments where I felt incredibly lucky to be there.

Then we headed down to the cat cafe which was perfect and end of our trip. And this was the perfect end to our trip to Europe before we headed home, we were so sad to our trip and we did not want to go home at all we were just eager to head on the next country like "C'mon where next?". Bratislava was somewhere I would recommend to anyone to visit and cannot wait to go back to!! Until the next month, Ashleigh xx Here is the discount code, to give you £15 off your first trip over £55. www.airbnb.co.uk/c/ashleighh1808

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