What to do in Budapest? - Buda best

The third and final country of our Europe trip before heading back to Bratislava to fly home, and it most certainly was not disappointing. Budapest is a city which is quickly becoming the go-to place to travel in Europe, and I can understand why and it should be on everyone's must whilst in Europe. This is not to say that Vienna and Bratislava shouldn't be but Vienna is very much history based and may not be for everyone and Bratislava is very much upcoming I found and in say five years it will be a must on your tour around Europe.

Budapest is a top destination for interrailing and the city was filled with backpackers and the other people in our dorm were all interrailing. The hostel which we stayed in was amazing and was one of my favourite hostels which I have stayed in, to date with nice open areas and it felt very clean and minimalistic. The hostel was called Flow and we loved it, the hostel organised events and we even got to do some free wine tasting through the hostel and came second place in a quiz and were so close to winning a free bottle of wine!! We walked from the bus station to the hostel which took us about an hour and a half but was a beautiful walk through the non-tourist parts of Budapest. After arriving we headed for food thinking we were quite away from the city centre and settled for one of the first places we found and had some brill Pizza, shortly after this we decided to go for a walk and found out we were right in the centre of the city and decided to watch the sunset from the riverside. This was a simple choice but most certainly worth it, as it was a beautiful and something which I will never forget. After this, we went for a quick walk around the city before calling it a night as we becoming increasingly tired from the amount of travelling we were doing, but it was worth it.

The next day we went for yet another walking tour as they had been such as highlight for the last two countries and it did not disappoint, and it allowed us to see more of Budapest then we probably would have ever been able to find. Whilst also getting a sight into Hungary's history, this I found to be incredibly interesting but I can understand if it isn't for everyone. The walking tour finished at Buda Castle so from here we started walking back towards the town centre but took a slow scenic walk and our plan was to get food and head over to the market which was around a five minute (if that) walk from our hostel. The market was extremely interesting but other than a fridge magnet for my mum and some mozzarella sticks which we shared we didn't anything of interest.

This was the evening of the wine tasting, and we had decided after this we were going to go what we called 'The Shark Bar' for a cocktail before heading over to the infamous ruin bars for an incredibly poor attempt at a night out. As at this point in the trip, our cash was becoming less and less, and especially for Hungary as we could easily get more euros out but Hungary has the Hungarian forint, and we had less than twenty-four left in Hungary so were not keen on the idea of having to get out a large amount of money (to make it worthwhile due to fees) to spend in such a short space of time. So we went for a cheap night out, but trust me now I will 100% be back for a messy night out in a ruin bar as it looked like so much fun.

But sadly we had yet another early coach to catch in the morning back to Bratislava which meant that our Europe trip was coming to an end which was absolutely heart-breaking and we did not want to leave, we didn't even want to leave Budapest to let alone head back the UK. Budapest is somewhere I will 100% be returning to, and I would love to see more of Hungary as it is somewhere I still know very little about and will definitely be back to return to the Ruin Bars, and finally get the thermal baths. Until the next month, Ashleigh xx Here is the discount code, to give you £15 off your first trip over £55. www.airbnb.co.uk/c/ashleighh1808

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