What to do in Vienna? - A day and a bit in Vienna

Carrying on my trip around Europe after Bratislava we headed to Vienna, and even to this day I am still surprised we even made it to Vienna considering how hungover we actually were like we couldn't even function. The journey over to Vienna was easy enough although we had no idea when we needed to get off and our bus driver was nice enough to kind of throw us off the bus when we got there. We then googled how far it was to our Hostel and it was about 3 miles which didn't seem too bad until we started walking. This is when the sheer scale of the hangover truly started, and we walked about a mile and then saw an underground station and googled how to get the tube station nearest our hostel and gave up from there. The underground in Vienna was seriously easy to navigate.

Our hostel was not the best, and I would not stay there again. The address which they gave us was not where we stayed this was the hotel side and the hostel was about a ten-minute walk away and just felt odd from the moment we walked through the front door. The room was nice enough, simple enough but nothing special, and our roommates both nights were a bit strange both nights they arrived late in the evening and then left in the early hours of the morning. The Hostel was called Do Step Inn and I would not recommend people to stay there.

Although one good thing about the Hostel (but I still wouldn't stay there again) we were near a big underground station and this was Wien Westbahnhof, and this station had a small shopping centre where we discovered Vapianos and oh my god we were in heaven.

​ In Vienna, we decided we wanted to do another walking tour as the tour which did in Bratislava gave us such an insight into the city. The one which we had in Vienna, was not as good as the one which we had in Bratislava, but this is not to say the one we had in Vienna, wasn't good because it was. The one which we had in Bratislava was such an amazing walking tour and in Vienna, the weather was not on our side at all and absolutely freezing compared to Bratislava. The tour gave us an insight into Vienna and it is a city which I would love to see more off, as we only really got to spend a day there due to how hungover we actually were. Whilst we were in Vienna we decided to see the Sigmund Freud house, and although we couldn't justify doing a tour we still loved seeing it, after my friend study psychology A-level and I studied Freud through photography. After this, we headed slowly back into the city and explored more of the city before slowly heading back to the hostel. There was another bar crawl which we sadly decided to miss, as our bus to Budapest was early the next morning and we were about an hour from the bus station and could not deal with another day feeling the way we did before.

Vienna was a beautiful city and somewhere which I want to return to, and Austria as a whole is somewhere which I want to explore more of as other than Vienna it is a country which I am still yet to explore. Although I have never been skiing I know Austria is extremely popular for skiing and would love it give a go.

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