What do to in Bratislava? #1 - Bratislava and Beers

After finding ridiculously cheap flights from Birmingham to Bratislava last spring for August and September and after listening to What the Pho Travel Podcast episode, Czech-mates. I decided that I need to explore Slovakia, as before this I had never even thought about visiting here and knew very little about it. But this did not stop me if anything it made me even more excited about exploring somewhere which I had no expectations for so whatever I was greeted with I would be okay with it. I booked into a hostel called 'Patio Hostel' which I would recommend as it did not disappoint, but my roommates were a slight issue, which wasn't even really an issue, was that me my friend booked a four bedroom, so there would be two other people with us and this was fine until I was trying to sleep one night and someone in our room was snoring and the person in the bunk below me decided that they thought it was me that was snoring (it wasn't I was already awake from it) and started shaking the bed which of course woke me up more. So I was not impressed with him. But this did not dampen my spirits as early the next morning me and my friend headed off for our free walking tour which was recommended to us from What the Pho Travel Podcast and it was brilliant! Can safely say I went into the walk knowing nothing about Slovakia history and came out knowing how it was an oppressed nation, and who the Prague spring actually started in Bratislava. But I will leave the rest of the information for when you do the tour. The tour was probably one of the highlights of the trip for me as it allowed me to see so much of the city and allowed us to find places we might not have been able to find such as the Blue Church. In one day we knew the way around. We were told that the walking tour offered a pub crawl and I believe it cost 10 Euros, and for this, you would get an hours worth of free drinks and a free shot in every bar. This sold us.

But carrying on with our day, the walking tour took us all around the city and allowed us to learn our way around the city and after the walking tour, we started heading up towards the castle. We took what I would describe as the scenic route, as we just walked down random little roads and got there at our own pace which sadly meant that by the time we got there the weather decided to turn on us so we decided food was the next best bet, and this is when we found the Cat Cafe, but food choice was limited so after a drink we headed off and found a Gangster movie-themed restaurant, as one tip is not to go on the 1st Septemeber as it is Slovakia's National day, and we found a lot of places to be closed.

After food, we headed back to the hostel to dry off and refreshen up, as we resembled drowned rats after the rain. Then decided to explore more of our hostel as we landed late the night before, so only got to see our room and the reception. We booked our bus tickets to Vienna and our late buses from Vienna to Budapest and Budapest back to Bratislava. We were told there were two big coach companies which did these routes and these were Slovaklines and Flix Bus. We used Slovaklines to get from Bratislava to Vienna and we were impressed by the price and the comfort. After booking our buses we decided it was time for one thing and this was alcohol as we had decided that we were going to go on the pub crawl which started at 9:30 pm not 9 pm which we thought so being half an hour early we decided it was time to get food and we got a subway. Then headed to the venue and waited for the fun to start. One of the organisers saw we were there early so allowed us to start drinking the free drinks before we got our wristbands but as soon as the queue went down we got them and this lead to us drinking far too many free beers and shots of vodka (we are gonna call them shots) from the water gun filled with vodka. Overall our first day in Bratislava was amazing, and the free walking tour is something which I would recommend to anyone as it was the perfect chance to see the city and hear about it from people who really the city. The next morning we were heading out to Vienna and were incredibly hungover but still managed to walk to the bus stop and catch our bus.

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