Volunteering in Cambodia -Sihanoukville and The Islands

Sihanoukville was a place which I was not too overly impressed with, after being told it would be the highlight of my trip I can say it just wasn't for me. To get to Sihanoukville we had to get a 13 hour night bus, which I found easier than the first night bus as you (well I) managed to get a decent night sleep, as you were on the bus for long enough. But the hotel which we stayed at whilst in Sihanoukville made up for me not being keen on the area, the hotel which I stayed at was the Deluxx Boutique and I could not rate it higher, the room and the hotel, in general, felt like a 5* hotel. After a booze cruise in the middle of the day with lack of suncream and far too many drinks (free buckets) later our one night in Sihanoukville was over and we were heading towards Koh Rong.

After a very choppy boat ride to the island, we made it and headed straight to our Hostel, Cocos. With sand already in between our toes and the sea breeze frizzing out my hair, I was in my element. But sadly the elements were not on our side while we were on the island, as the four days on the island it rained every day. Heartbreaking. But still, it didn't stop us. Our hostel was very basic, to give you an idea of how basic it was the Wifi didn't reach our dorm which was right next to the restaurant. And the wifi completely stopped working whilst we were staying.

An absolute must is the night snorkel with the glow in the dark plankton, the tour which we did took us right out into the darkness where there was very little light pollution meaning that visibility was great for seeing the Plankton. As I jumped off the boat and into the water, I became very aware of everything which was surrounding me. And submerged myself under the water holding my mask tightly on my face and I started to see what I could only describe as star-like bubbles as they glowed and stood out amongst the dark sea. It took me a few minutes to clock on to what they were, but when it clocked it was one of the most beautiful sights which I had seen, it felt magical. And we got to do this twice! And it got better the second time as you were aware and enjoyed it straight away.

After few days exploring the Island, we headed back got the bus back to Phnom Penh for one final night where we chilled back at The Royal Guesthouse, before heading to the airport to catch our flight to Kuala Lumpur and then back on to London.

Until the next month,

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