Guide to a weekend in Paris?

Updated: May 7, 2020

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This post was originally written in 2017 since c-vid lockdown in 2020 I have decided to rework old blog posts.

Thinking of visiting Paris? The city of love, fashion and art. Only a quick train, ferry or flight from the UK. It makes Paris the perfect destination for a weekend trip away from the UK. Paris is full of beautiful locations such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, Paris is the perfect balance between City and art.

When in Paris we stayed at the Generator Hostel, which was located in Colonel Fabien was in a quintessential location, being less than a five-minute walk from Colonel Fabien Metro station. Which gave effortless connections to Gaurd De Nord, allowing travel across Paris, the rest France and Europe. The hostel itself was outstanding, with facilities which matched those of hotels. With continental breakfast included every morning and a restaurant where the food was exceptionally delicious. The hostel also had a bar with happy hour and a roof terrace which we sadly didn't get to enjoy due the time of year that I visited. On top of all of this, the dorm room which I was staying in (eight-bed share) was extraordinary, this was my first experience of a dorm room and was extremely impressed with the level of privacy within the room. With a privacy curtain on each bed, furthermore, each bed also had a light, plug socket and USB plug, there was no fighting to charge your devices.

Paris is full of must-see locations from the Eiffel Tower to Norte Dame and these are some of my favourite locations to visit in the city.

Montparnasse Tower: In my opinion, this gave the best view of Paris as unlike the view from the top of the Eiffel tower, you get the Eiffel tower in your photographs which makes the cityscape of Paris even more bewitching, additionally is most the perfect Instagram backdrop.

The Eiffel Tower: Probably the most visited location in Paris and my personal opinion, it is overrated. This was the one location in Paris where I didn't feel safe, as you are surrounded by people who are trying to sell you random unnecessary items. The Eiffel tower is beautiful and is a must when visiting Paris but I wouldn't recommend staying for too long, as for me it was just too intense especially at night.

Notre Dame: I was lucky enough to visit before the tragic fires in April 2019. Notre Dame was my favourite place in Paris and I was memoized by the sheer beauty and size of the cathedral. From the intricate stained glasses windows to the gargoyles which surrounds the cathedral, there was so much to beauty to marvel at whilst visiting Notre Dame. On top of this unlike the Eiffel tower, there weren't swarms of people but I did visit in January, which may explain why there wasn't a large congregation of people but having space and breathing room heighten the experience.

Musée d'Orsay: One of the top museums for Art in Paris full of greek statues and artworks such as Monet. Although it is arguably not as iconic as the Louvre, consequently as busy as you don't have five hundred people trying to get a photograph of the Mona Lisa.

Overall I loved Paris, but I also found it to be extremely over advertised as although the city is heavenly, in my personal opinion, it just felt like it was missing something and as a city, I am in no real rush to return. But I still plan on returning as I never got to visit the catacombs or Versailles, which are places which I plan on visiting on my next trip to Paris.

Out of ten, I would have to give Paris a seven, as I am in no rush to return which is what is pulling the score down, but I know when I return I still have places which I want to visit.

Until the next month,

Ashleigh xx

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