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What do in Paris?

Back in the January of last year, I visited one of the most beautiful cities in the world with some of my best friends, the experience was breathtaking as Paris is truly as beautiful as everyone makes it out to be. Despite the time of year which we went we were still able to make the most out of every day, seeing sites such as Norte Dame and the Eiffel Tower.

We went in the January for 5 days with our university as it was our trip abroad I was so glad I went, as originally I was not planning on going as money was tight but luckily my dad said he would pay. Somehow we managed to wake up and be on the coach by 4 am as we journeyed from Farnham to Ebbsfleet to catch the Eurostar. The Eurostar was a unique experience and something which I had never experienced before, and something I could happily do again as it was surprisingly easy to catch and use but the seats were not the comfiest, but thankfully the trip wasn't too long. It allowed us to see the countryside of France something which I had never seen before, as this was my first proper time to France as before I had only been to Disneyland Paris.

When we arrived in Paris we walked from Gare du Nord to our hostel which was located near Colonel Fabien, the walk was nice allowed us to see some of the sights of Paris, but with 30 people with walking with suitcases, it certainly wasn't the easiest of walks. After this we got to out hostel 'The Generator' on first look the hostel looked amazing and I can safely say it didn't disappoint, I would recommend the hostel to any backpacker wanting to visit Paris. I was in a dorm with 7 other girls from my course, although there was a lot of us it worked surprisingly well. The only issue was the fact that there was only one shower room and bathroom which is a pain when you are all trying to get ready. But luckily there was a communal shower room just down the hall which we would use as well. The most disappointing part of the hostel was the breakfast which just was not enjoyable but assumed this was because we had a free breakfast as the rest of the meals which we had there did not disappoint.

Paris itself was beautiful there was just so much to do which amazed me, and everywhere was so picture perfect and it wasn't that cold either which was a massive bonus. I would recommend visiting the Montparnasse Tower, as it gives you a breathtaking a view of Paris which includes all of the tourist sights such as the Eiffel tower. I could have easily spend longer in Paris, as I felt like there was so much more which I didn't get to do so I most certainly plan on going back at some point as I have heard so many amazing things about Paris and know that there is so much more which I would love to see.

Until the next month,

Ashleigh xx

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Until next time

Ashleigh x