Hostel Recommendations

Hostels in my opinion, are the BEST way to meet people when travelling. Some are great and others not so. But just because I liked a hostel, doesn't mean that you will. I have compelled a list of all the hostels I have stayed at, some which I loved and others I wouldn't stay at again.

I have also linked their hostelworld page if you wanted to explore them further, as well as a rating out of 10 and a brief description to give explanation to whether I liked them or not.




Generator Hostel


The rooms were fantastic, with every bed coming with a light, charging point and a privacy curtain. Was extremely clean and had a great communal areas, with a restaurant and bar. The location was perfect being close to a metro station and within walking distance of some attractions.



Wombats City Hostel, 

6/10, has been permanently closed since I stayed

Was a basic hostel, clean and tidy. Wasn't overly busy when I stayed. Located close to the centre and within walking distance to the historic centre of Berlin.



Patio Hostel


Was a basic hostel with a great atmosphere. Loved staying here, and the bathrooms were super clean. Great communal area downstairs. Was a central location and was only a short walk from the old town. Although was tricky to find when we were trying to check in.

Art Hostel Taurus


We were warned about staying here before we stayed but had already booked it. Despite the location being fantastic, as it is at the base of the castle. I would not recommend staying here. The rooms didn't lock, the showers didn't a have lock.




Urban House Copenhagen by MEININGER


The rooms were clean and bright. First time I've not had a bunkbed in a hostel room. Every bed had it's own charging plug. Great communal bar downstairs and had a really good vibe. Was about a half an hour walk from Nyhavn but was right on the doorstep of Tivoli. 



Generator Hostel


The rooms were not as nice as the one I stayed at in Paris. But the communal bar was one of my favourite I've ever been to and the Cuba Libras there. Wow. The location is great, being at the foot of the Jameson Distillery factory. IS around an half an hour walk from the famous Temple Bar.



Do Stepp Inn


Was an extremely unusual hostel. Where you check in and where you stay are completely different places. Was clean but didn't have a good atmosphere. Was no visible communal areas. 



Design Hostel 101 Dalmatinac


The rooms were clean, each bed was sturdy had its own own plug and light. The hostel had a good atmosphere. My only issue with it was that it was so far away from the old town and coast, as it was about a half an hour walk, with the majority of it being along a main road. And if you were to get an uber there and back every-time the price adds up. 

Beach Hostel 


I had a six bed dorm to myself as was travelling in September 2021 and didn't want to risk catching c-vid. The room was clean and would have an amazing atmosphere in normal times but it had a lack of energy due to c-vid. The location is great as it is about a 5 minute walk to the beach and about 15 minute from the old town. The rooms had no air conditioning but I found a fan was fine.

Pag Island

Hostel Zrće


Clean rooms, sturdy beds which all had a privacy curtain and their own charging port and light. Great party atmosphere before heading to NOA. Close to beach and the local town. 

Czech Republic


Dream Hostel


Locations was great, about a 10 minute walk from the iconic old town. The room was everything I needed and more, each bed was sturdy had its own light, charging point and privacy curtain. It just lacked atmosphere. There was a communal area it just wasn't inviting. Did travel in October so could have just been a quieter time to travel.



Pilot Hostel


Fantastic location, great atmosphere staying here. Even in November and during c-vid times. The rooms were a little basic but did the job. The hostel was clean, but the beds were not the comfiest. But the location and hostel made it completely worth it.

North America



Cambie Hostel (Gastown)


The location was good but there was an large amount of homelessness in the area, which wasn't an issue it just didn't feel the safest late at night or early in the morning. The hostel itself has a good vibe was only there for one night was incredibly loud, but didn't matter too much to me and was very jet-lagged.


Samesun Vancouver


The location was great, being a short walk away from the train station and close to all the local attractions. But because it was on the main road of Vancouver it was extremely loud and busy constantly. Again only stayed one night. Wasn't an overly friendly environment but I had just been on an exhausting (but amazing) two week trip so could have been my own exhaustion.